Wednesday, August 22, 2007

goodbye, summer

Even though the calendar would suggest that summer still has a month to accomplish its goals, we know better.
Every year, Kelly's department at work has an "end of summer, hello fall" picnic in Old Saybrook, CT to gear up for the academic year.
It's always a fun gathering, but it pretty much signals the end of summer for us. It means Kelly has to put finishing touches on lesson plans. It means no more lazy weekends. It means no more shortened work days.
It means less time to hang out with friends.
But we definitely make the most of the picnic and all its summer-y fun.
But it's still hard to say goodbye to summer.


C&G's mom said...

We have said goodbye to summer as well. School is in full swing and Big C starts tomorrow. She is more excited than any student could ever be.
"Will you drop me off, and take Gavin home?" "I will wear my purple dress." "I can go to school every day...(mom) no just Thursday and Friday. (C)Oh, I like Thursday and Friday."
How does she even know she will like it so much? Anyway, as soon as I can post my own I will. I'm having some computer issue with logging in.

Angie said...

Don't cry, Anderson! Summer will be back before you know it!!! Hey...down here, we're TRYING to get rid of summer!