Thursday, November 5, 2009


During the middle of October (last month), I went to Orlando to attend a conference, it was all about trends in records management. It was about as exciting as it sounds. In any case, one doesn't go to Orlando, or rather, the near vicinity of the Mouse's house and not bring one's family especially if said family includes wee ones. So the whole family went. It was a great inaugural trip for our new luggage.

We crammed a lot of fun in the few days we were in Orlando.

Papa's mom (aka, Grammy) flew out to have fun with us, which was pretty nice (it was also really handy when I attended conference sessions).
We found a Benihana steak house, which has just become this ridiculous tradition when we travel.

And we got a chance to see my oldest sister and her family. Thanks work, I had a great time!

More pictures in flickr. There aren't any pictures of my records conference though, because, well, records...get excited!

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Villa Valletta said...

Yeah nice job! Between the both of you seems like you area always going somewhere:-) Benhiana actually never been there; maybe we should try one.