Wednesday, November 9, 2011

...and things here

So let me fill you in on what's been going on with us.

Seal Pup 1.0, or "Most Esteemed Son #1", as I sometimes like to think of him, had a second first day of kindergarten because we pulled him out of the local school to put him in the regional magnet school program when a space opened up. We were concerned about traumatizing him, but he has settled in fine. Moving from a half day to a full day program with solid programming in languages, art, and's a big deal; and, well, there's the bus ride.
Oh, Pup 1.0 also learned to play chess, and it's become another big deal. I played a 30-minute game with him and the game ended in a stalemate. I am not sure whose chess skills this says more about, mine or his.

Both pups have become models for me for various photo projects over the last few months.That's always exciting.
And then there was Halloween last month. Pup 1.0 was "The President of the United States Running for Re-election in 2012" and Pup 2.0 was the lead agent of his secret service detail. In case you are wondering, his party affiliation was the Independent Party.I went to Texas last week to attend the International Quilt Festival and I saw a lot of quilts...clearly, this might be the top of the list for high point of the year.
Now we are gearing up for Thanksgiving. Because food is involved and that can mean only good things.

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