Wednesday, August 29, 2012

summer wind down

After our trip to California we were busy doing all sorts of things.

We picked plums from our plum tree and canned it (because that's the kind of people we are...the throw it in a jar and see how it tastes, kind).
There were lots of trips to the playground.
My mom bought the boys a playground set thing.  Papa thought it could be built in a day; much like Rome, that was not the case.
We are still working on it.  It might get built by the middle of fall?  Maybe?
 We went to Lake Compounce to celebrate Coast Guard Day (annual tradition!).
 The kids were occupied with preschoold (the Seal Pup 2.0) and various camps.  Seal Pup 1.0's favorite was Arts Camp.  There was drawing, circus and theater arts.  There was performance at the end of the week.  Pretty good stuff.
Child the Elder and I went to an art museum before braving the Outlets shopping crowd for school clothes during Connecticut tax free week (a big deal).

And the biggest news of all?  Seal Pup 1.0, learned how to ride his bicycle without training wheels.  To quote Papa: "so it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to teach your kid to ride a bicycle without traning wheels.  I Googled it.  There's a You Tube video."  Of course you did.  Of course there is.
It was a good summer.

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