Wednesday, October 3, 2007

adventures with alpacas

Over the past weekend, the Seal pup and I wandered to Bozrah, Connecticut with some friends to visit an alpaca farm.

Alpacas offer a hypoallergenic alternative to wool. Alpaca fiber is soft and very warm. It's fun to knit; and, it's also great for spinning.

It was a good day for a picnic and fun with fiber. Anders had a good time (it was especially fun to chase the alpacas and put them in fear for their lives).
Hello. This is the face of mischief.

Having just returned from Texas, Papa Seal decided to go to work during the great alapaca adventure; but, he joined us later for fun at the playground.

He also joined in for ice cream at our favorite ice cream place (Michael's Dairy!). This is a picture of someone who has had too much banana ice cream.

Tons more alpaca and fiber fun over in flickr!


Angie said...

I love Anders' face of mischief. When Dru looks extra innocent, I know all hell is about to break loose! Who wouldn't love banana ice cream???

Katie said...

I don't know if it's your skill with the camera or Anderson's ability to pose...or both...he always takes the greatest photos!