Friday, September 28, 2007

fun before misery

The past week was a rough one. Papa Seal went to a conference in Texas and the Seal Pup and I winged it alone at home.

We were both sick and one of us was teething. But before Kelly left and we were miserable, we were able to squeeze in some fun.

We went to another football game at the Coast Guard Academy.
It won't be the last, we are season ticket holders (I know.).
And then we went to a local apple orchard in Gales Ferry, Connecticut.

It was the first apple picking trip of the autumn season.
There were pumpkins at the orchard too.

Good times!
We went to our friend CPea's birthday party. She turned 3! (It can be challenging when all of your friends are older than you are, but the Seal Pup holds his own).

There was great fun and "dramatic play" (none of that "make believe" stuff for the modern kids of today).

But Papa comes home tonight and that is just dramtically fun!

Tons of pictures in flickr.

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Angie said...

He's so cute, Nova! And there's my child...throwing uncooked pasta or "tasta" at his momma.