Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the littlest mr.bubble

We are back from vacation. I was sidetracked with some form of plague, but I am on the mend. Just in time for the Pup's birthday week festivities (that's right, birthday week! You know how I love to do up a birthday). The countdown began today. His gift was a bottle of Mr. Bubble. He was very happy about it.

I will get around to going through all the vacation shots soon, there are quite a few to go through. More to follow.

ETA: We recently found out that we will be homebased in Connecticut for one more year. Good times, right?!


The "M" Family said...

"Go Anderson, it's your birthday!"

(I was singing the above as it was being typed...yes, I'm a nerd)

We can hardly wait to see your birthday pictures AND you finally get to open your gifts that we sent, oh, almost a month and a half ago! Yes, your Angie Emo is a bit crazy!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Week Anderson!

And cheers for another year in Connecticut!

Pickles Productions said...

YEAH! Can't wait for more play dates!

April said...

Great photo!

I am so glad that you will be in New England for (at least?) on more year!!

The "M" Family said...

Alright, Nova!!! It's Anders' birthday week...where are the pictures to celebrate? This should be a blogeration week choc full of pictures and hoopla!!!