Tuesday, December 23, 2008

and now we are four

A family of four, that is. This is Seal Pup 2.0 or SP2.0 for short. He is cute, we think we'll keep him.
So this is a few weeks overdue; but, better the post than the baby, right? Get it? Nevermind, here are some pictures.
Post delivery, prior to my asking for drugs.

Seal pups meeting for the first time. SP1.0 is clearly a fan, we aren't sure if SP2.0 feels the same way though. After this photo, Papa was admonished for using the flash because his "little brother doesn't like the flash."

SP1.0 has a thing for"touching [his] baby brother." I think that "touching" is a euphemism for "aggravating," but that is just me. I think, really, Seal Pup the elder just wanted to hold his baby brother which was nixed as he was diseased with some sort of winter contagion at the time.

Another person who couldn't stop "touching" or holding the baby was my mom. She kept saying, "I want to take him home in my pocket" so much, even SP1.0 began to worry that she would actually do it. And then we all concluded that, while small, SP2.0 would not actually fit in a pocket.There are some more pictures in flickr, of course. And with Christmas coming up, you know there will be a photo refresher before the end of the year.


The "M" Family said...

YAY! A post of the baby...you know I've been stalking your blog, right? He is beautiful, Nova!!! Anderson looks like a good big brother...

Still waiting to buy you guys dinner!!!

April said...

You guys make such beautiful children.