Thursday, December 22, 2011

pups in portraiture

When looking at Christmas cards in the stores this year, I noticed that selection has gone way down.  People just aren't doing Christmas cards anymore, that's a general statement, because we still do.  A lot of people have moved to the picture card, which is good, less waste, I suppose.  I tend to send the pictures that people send out, but it's probably more an extension of what I spend my work day doing anyway.  In any case, we are old school: card, letter, picture.  We updated the letter to a timeline this year, but we still had a picture (see above).  The portrait of the Pups was the main shot for the year.  I might be biased (since I took it) but I think it's a fantastic shot.
I tend to go for portraiture without the trimmings of holiday accoutrement.  It's usually a better option for year round display...just my opinion; but, there you are.
I did a lot of shots in the studio over the last three months. It was a fun challenge to learn about studio lighting and photographic lighting in general.  I will pop more shots in the flickr site since I know the grandparents like it when that happens.
Part of taking so many shots in the studio was getting shots that were, basically, "misses".  I collected them and will put some of those in the flickr site as well, because some of them are just funny.  Here is one of my favorites, because, honestly, I have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it.
We also did an outdoors family picture as well (the capture of which was so painful, I can not even begin to articulate it in this venue).  But hey, memories, I guess.

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