Monday, July 16, 2007

new haven; or, cramming more into one day than some poeple fit into a week

On Saturday, the Seal Pup got his first professional haircut. He wasn't very excited about the prospect. No, not at all.

He had his hair cut by his halmony (Korean grandmother) for his birthday back in March, and we gave it a try a month or so ago (to disastrous results), and the shagginess was starting to be a problem where grooming was concerned. So he got it cut, much better, right?

Kelly likes the cut more than I do. I miss the little curls, and I think the haircut makes him look he is 2 or something!

I think Anders likes it, and in the great scheme of things...that's what really matters--making sure the wants and desires of a 16 month old are met, right.

After the haircut, we headed to New Haven to adventure in our own backyard...and go to Ikea and find Vietnamese food. Who knew Ikea was a playground?

We certainly did not know about the huge playground posing as a furniture store (having never visited with kids--or even with kids in mind).

The pup had so much fun, it was scary. Playing around Ikea was clearly much better than getting his haircut by some stranger who just graduated high school (okay, maybe she isn't that young, but she was young).

Our friend APea often sites trying and traumatic experiences such as this as opportunities to "get a pony." We have no stable or barn, so the Pup will have to settle for a wooden moose.

I tried putting the moose together, Kelly took a look at it and asked if the moose was supposed to rock back and forth. "Well, of course, it is a rocking moose...oh..."

Not so much.

After dismantling the rocking portions and re-attaching them properly, we were in business.

We were able to find a creatively named yarn shop (clearly the most important part of any family trip).
We walked around the Yale University campus explaining to Anders the importance of a good education and the merits of earning scholarships to attain said education (sure, he isn't even 2 yet, but you have to start early, right?).

And we found our Pho connection.

A very delicious meal was consumed by the parental seals.

The Pup had his meal earlier at Ikea, the swedish meatballs were very popular.

Why do kids love these meatballs? Granted, I am a little more discriminating, but I didn't find them tasty at all...

I think ice cream from Michael's Dairy is much better. Anders found it more enjoyable too, I think.

Papa Seal wanted to enjoy some ice cream too, but clearly, he needed to get his priorities in order.

Ice cream, it's the taste of summer.


Angie said...


I LOVE the last picture of Anderson!!! His haircut is especially spiffy! The curls will come back...they always do!

Katie said...

I know you miss the curls, be he is so darn cute with his new haircut eating icecream. You just want to squeeze him!

Erika said...

Honestly, Nova, I don't think Anderson could get much cuter!! He's just so sqeezably cute :) And haircuts will always make them look older...sad, but true. However, I do always enjoy seeing my kids's eyes again after a good cut.

Anonymous said...

We were on the floor laughing at the sight of the "non-rocking" moose. We have all had those "what's wrong with this picture" moments. With all of your other exceptional talents, moose assembly expert is not really that important! I love the way you dive in with both feet. I don't think there is anything Nova won't A for bravery!