Wednesday, July 4, 2007

we wander to hawaii

More specifically, we wandered to the island of Oahu for a little vacation fun. Papa Seal (Kelly) had a conference to attend for the first few days there, but his conference attendance didn't hamper the adventuring of Mama(Nova) and the Pup (Anders).

The trip started out kind of rocky, Nova got a little case of conjunctivitis while flying to Hawaii, so the first stop on the island was an urgent care center. Nothing says paradise like pink eye! But after a night's rest, off to the beach.

Anders didn't love the beach the first day out, though he liked the pool at the hotel.

We tried daily trips to the beach, by week's end, he was a fan and walking in without any cajoling on the part of the 'rents (see video in previous post).

While on the island we did quite a bit of adventuring, more so after Kelly was done with his conference. The first few days (conference days) were concentrated in Waikiki, there were malls, markets, vendors, fancy places to shop (Harry Winston, Prada, Chanel, etc. the high end stores catered to the shopping needs of the Japanese tourists. Hawaii is considered a shopping mecca for them, I think maybe the U.S. main landers go for some good beach fun). Our favorite thing to see were the street performers, particularly the musicians.

Well, they were the Pup's favorite, anyways.

We checked out the Pearl Harbor area and downtown Honolulu after renting a car (though we could have used The Bus), and went to a few shops and our new favorite resturant Indigo, a great suggestion from friends who were once stationed in the area. Best buffet EVER (and totally worth the price given the high prices--some would say exorbitant--elsewhere on the island).

The next day (Friday) was spent exploring the North Shore of Oahu. This is the area for the iconic surfer and paradise-like imagery one generally associates with Hawaii. It's beautiful.

The Dole Plantation is there too. It's so touristy, but you kind of have to go if you are in the area. It's educational, and it is pretty; there are gardens, and you can buy a bunch of junk you don't need or really want (mostly pineapple related). But there is a train ride. And you can be a pineapple if you really want to (or if your parents make you).

We explored Waimea Bay quite a bit, particularly the Audubon Center there (thanks to a suggestion from Kelly's dad), gorgeous flora and fauna (birds, obviously).

Worth the drive (or the Bus ride --which would take forever from Waikiki, but it's doable-- should you want to use public transport).

Saturday we saw some friends on the east side of Oahu. They are currently finishing up their first year there. Anders made good use of the time. Can you say, "surfer in training?"

On Sunday we said "aloha" to Hawaii. We hope to go back one day, maybe another island next time. Should you have a conference in Hawaii, you should go and definately take your sig.o. and your kid(s). Voila, vacation!

Didn't get enough picture action? Go see more over on our flickr site.


Angie said...

Hey Nova...Loved the pictures from the trip. Looks like Anderson had a good time. He's walking! We will have fun showing Dru his cousin's blog.

Jill said...

Love the photos - I can't wait to see more of them (really? 600?).

You inspired me to get a bit creative with my title image... Maybe that could be my hobby... I could change out my title image daily.