Tuesday, July 31, 2007

summers are sizzling in virginia and the capitol

So last week we wandered to Virginia. The Mama Seal had a class to attend at a school on the UVA campus; and, Papa Seal and the Pup went too. It was fun and all, but Virginia is really hot this time of the year.

On our way down to Charlottesville, we made a few quick stops. Papa Seal was able to sit down and chat with his mom briefly in Northern VA (oh, serendipitous travels).

The pup had fun playing with his cousin and aunt,

there were crayons.

There were also popsicles.

There were also new and exciting toys,

the likes of which we have never seen.

Clearly, someone had fun.

We also made a pit stop in the Portmouth area, just because.
You have to brainwash indoctrinate them early.

You will have a liking for sea and its lore young man, you will! It's in your genes!

After getting to the UVA campus. I spent all of my time in class in this building:

Kelly and the Anders had other enviable adventures on the UVA campus.
But most of them involved Anders trying to take part in the fun of the ball games of older boys.

Not yet little guy!

And food is always important...and dessert, especially so.

And because wandering was involved, I had to wander to a shop dealing in my own version of candy:

Great fun was had.
And then there was the site of supreme money suckage.
It's very dangerous to learn about chromolithography and chromolithographic prints one morning and seeing really gorgeous examples that afternoon. Especially when said examples are for sale.

On the way back north we stopped off in Washington DC so the Pup could say "hi" to our good friends George and Laura, we guessed they were too busy to.

While we got a chance to see a good friend while in the DC area, we had to cut the looking and wandering about a bit short. It was miserably hot. We will have to go back when the weather is more tolerable for seals.

As always, more pictures over in the flickr site.

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Angie said...

LOVE the popsicle picture. It looked HOT down there!!!