Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sail away, sail away, sail away...

If there is one thing the Papa Seal likes, it's a sailboat. What is better than a sailboat? A whole bunch of 'em.

The Newport Boatshow is something of a tradition for us. We head up to Newport, Rhode Island to walk around and look at boats and sailing gear, and then count ourselves lucky (and smart) when we walk out having bought nothing except a Del's lemonade.

If we keep going, odds are, we will eventually buy a boat (like a toy one!)...but for now, we are just looking.
Some of us are looking harder than others.
The Seal Pup is fond of calling out various modes of transportation and wasted no opportunity to imform us each time he saw a boat...at a boat show. Since the propensity of pointing out the obvious is often cute when kids do it, he was able to get away with it.
Anders really liked the boat show (this year was much better than last year). It was fun for him to take off his shoes like the bigs to walk on the boat decks.
It was fun relaxing barefoot on boats that belonged to other people.

But he knew where the fun was to be found. He liked the navigation/chart tables a lot.

And there were a few boats on which he made himself at home.

But I think he was most impressed with the number of buttons that could be pressed on a boat.

After an afternoon of fun at the boat show we ended the day at the local fudgery. It's another Wandering Seals family tradition.

Tons more boat-y fun over in flickr.


knkseals said...

Ooo! We want to sail away, sail away, sail away! Can we come when Lil Sir picks a boat to buy? Sounds like a fun place to wander.
West coast pups like boats, too.

Angie said...

I agree with the fudge trip. Candy is always good...