Thursday, February 28, 2008

the snow in vermont

We have fallen asleep on the job (actually, I misplaced our little camera, but describing it thusly has allowed me to use the cute picture above). But now, we're back, with more flavor!

So Presidents' Weekend happened a while ago. I figure since the Presidents' Day sales are still being advertised on TV, I felt like it was okay to post our Presidents' Weekend happenings.

It all started with dinner from our favorite CMF missionary, CDR P! It was nice to see him and catch up while he was in town for a very quick trip.

Then we drove to Vermont to join the CGA cadets attending a ski retreat sponsored by OCF. On the way to our final destinations in Barre and Orange, we made some fun stops. First was a pit stop in Putney, the home of Green Mountain Spinnery (they have yarn, they spin yarn, this is an interest of mine, in case you didn't know).

It was a really interesting visit. And I showed a considerable amount of restraint with Papa Seal's wallet.

The shop was really small, but very well stocked.

Then, proceeding north, we stopped at the Farmer's Diner in Quechee.

I figured if it was good enough for Barbara Kingsolver and her family, it was good enough for us.

It was very good. And the philosophy behind the food was something we liked the idea of supporting (go local!).

It was really good, actually.

We also stopped to visit Ben and Jerry, don't they look so familiar?

Because everyone wants ice cream when there is 30 inches of snow on the ground.
The pup really enjoyed his visit to the place of so much ice cream.

But, seriously, if you need to eat ice cream with outerwear on, maybe it's too cold for ice cream... Just a thought for the future.

It was a good trip. And in case you were unaware of this fact, there is a great deal of snow in Vermont during the winter.

As is our standard operating procedure, more pictures can be seen and downloaded from the flickr site.


The M Family said...

I love the picture of him knocked out in his car seat...priceless. I'm jealous...a trip to Ben and Jerry's? What more could you ask for in a trip???

Ashley and Henry said...

Anderson is too cute! Can't wait until Lennon is that age! Can't wait for the two of them to meet as a matter of fact!