Tuesday, September 9, 2008

we missed the dnc by thismuch

To those who are certain we have wandered somewhere in the last two months, you would be right. Long time no travel reports on our end. Apologies, we have been a little busy. Before I launch into tales of busy-ness (um, excuses), I thought I'd share some wandering we did at the end of July (I know). We went to Colorado for a weekend. It was, awesome.

We flew into the Denver airport and spent the evening getting aclimated to the altitude. When we travel, the Pup likes to get his stretch on by doing yoga poses (he has excellent form, R this shot is for your mom!).

The purpose of our trip to Colorado was a wedding of a high school friend of mine.

The wedding was in Breckenridge; and, it was a great place to have or attend a wedding (unless you suffer from altitude sickness, which I did). The scenery is stunning. And Breckenridge is a fun town. And there is a Continental Divide that you can dress up to visit, if that is your thing.

Since we were going to be "in the area" (or rather, the same state) we decided to take a "quick side trip" to Colorado Springs for another academic institution photo op with the Pup, the US Air Force Academy, the pup is a fan.


And since you can't go there and not get a picture with the chapel as a background...

For those family and friendly types that want to see more pictures, you know where to find them (click on the link, mom).

We'll do a couple of "things here" updates soon (there is a little matter of a missing camera to contend with, but it's bound to be around here somewhere). We are, as they say, back in the saddle.


Barb said...

Hurray, hurray! I knew you had to be wndering somewhere! You can't beat the Rockies as a wedding backdrop...so not Texas in the summer. Hope you are feeling well...you all look great.

Katie said...

Look at that alignment! That pup is definitely a yogi. :) Great pics, Nova. You all look amazing.

The "M" Family said...

Anders looks so handsome all dapper in his tie and sunglasses! Disco is treating you well...you look beautiful!!!